Trying Something Different

I’ve setup a single page website “brochure” for analysis services (link at the very bottom of this post). I don’t think most people realize that the sort of analysis that is done in software development can be used for solving many different problems. I’m going to see if I can help them.

Analysts are (or should be) trained to determine what the problem is in sufficient detail that it’s possible to solve the right problem. That’s when we transition from analysis to design — the designers solve the problem right.

Over the years, starting from when I became the Chief Wizard on Redwall MUCK, I’ve helped people solve many strange problems.

I travel often, so I have come up with logistics solutions that weren’t obvious (there’s a lot more available than just hitting a travel site).

I’ve spoken with many small business owners and founders to help them clarify what they wished in seeking development partners. I’ve even spoken with some to help them determine what to setup for their accounting. Granted, it’s nothing to do with software, but data exists and needs to be captured, manipulated, and shared. Sure sounds like what an analyst should know, right?

Normally, I think about training and developing software. Honestly, I really love to see the “Aha!” moment when someone gets it, and of course I love to see my software deployed and doing things nobody even knew were possible.

So, I thought, “Why not see if there’s people that need something a bit less than Boston Consulting Group?” Mind, I’ve worked on projects where BCG had consultants present and they were excellent people (no, this isn’t an affiliate link, just my personal experience).

Granted, the prices helping the smaller clients won’t be as high, but then, so what? This let me build something whimsical — a brochure page that tells about wizards, treasure and dragons.

Why on earth would I talk about those things? Because not everything needs to be so serious!

Problems are serious and solving them is important. But, do we really need more services sold with web sites full of people in suits very intently sitting around a conference table or people in Silicon Valley Casual all staring at whiteboards? There’s lots of such sites and let’s face it …

Dragons and Wizards are a lot more fun.

If we’re not enjoying life — what’s the point?

Keep the Light,
Chief Wizard

The promised LINK to Wizardry On Call page…

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