Long-term locks are the work of the amateur

I love living in Las Vegas — I can get a corned beef reuben at 11:30 pm after a nice relaxing session of high-speed shooting in Gears of War with my friend. In fact, I enjoy this late-night meal so often that I’m known by name to both the wait staff and the check-out counter group at the restaurant.

Last night they lost a customer … two of them. My friend and I won’t return. The situation was mostly due to a series of unfortunate poor decisions on the part of the staff, but the trigger for the whole fiasco was bad software engineering.

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Overqualified huh?

I shouldn’t find it amusing, but I do. I was talking to a prospect about working on a project that would have let me work remotely from my Las Vegas office. Alas, the prospect spoke with me, asked me about my work experience, and told me I was over-qualified and I’d be bored doing the work needed so the interview was over.

Of course, they could simply have hated me. I’d have expected the more general “You don’t sound like a good fit” then. It’s even possible they thought I was lying and didn’t want to be confrontational and say “I don’t believe you did what you said.”

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