Back in LV with river trip suspended

It’s been over a week … so what happened?

Last Friday, May 23, bone was poking through my gums into my tongue … again. I had dental surgery again Tuesday the 27th.

I’ll post the first days of my trip before my body failed me with pictures in following posts but this is to let everyone know that I’m back in Las Vegas and not on the river at this time.

I’ve heard the saying “Your mouth made promises your body can’t keep” but I’m suffering from “The body is willing but the mouth is weak.”

The more interesting posts will follow. There are probably none more disappointed than me that my attempt ended so soon.

Keep the Light!

Delayed Start for Mississippi River Expedition

I’m going to be kayaking down the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca, MN to New Orleans, LA (and possibly to the Gulf of Mexico, but that last bit is uncertain right now).

I’d planned to start last Wednesday (May 7, 2014) after a leisurely drive from Las Vegas with a friend of mine, but Lake Bemedji still had floating ice when we arrived.

Insult to injury, even though I’d visited the dentist and doctor a few weeks prior to ensure I’d be fine for the trip, I had something sore in my mouth, something gritty, and puffy (like a gum boil) that erupted during the drive.

It was probably fortunate that Lake Bemedji was iced. My friend flew back home while I went to get a room for a few days, and perhaps see a dentist.
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